A picture of the large and historic "casino-building" on the waterfront in Constanța

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Constanța is one of Romania's main industrial, commercial, and tourist centres, influenced by its position as the country’s premier city on the Black Sea. 


A city with a rich history, Constanța is named after the sister of the Roman Emperor Constantine and the existence of the city is documented as far back as 657BC. Today, the city is engaged in several European projects focusing on issues varying from sustainable mobility to greening of ports.

Due to its proximity to other major tourist destinations, the city receives a significant number of visitors every year, who discover and visit its monuments and attractions. Also, Constanta is a centre of commerce and education, both of which significantly contribute to the local economy.


In the Re-Value partnership, Constanța is actively engaged in testing, capturing, and sharing best practices to develop its historical centre, called the Peninsula Area. Based on the lessons from this work, and the interaction with the other partners in Re-Value, the holistic approach to achieve climate neutrality to be taken in the Peninsula Area, will be sought to be expanded into the wider city and the urban strategies. 

A main feature is to integrate the holistic climate-neutrality into existing frameworks, policies, and networks, such as sustainable public transport ambitions and energy-efficient building renovation.

Locally in Constanța, the partnership consists of the Municipality of Constanța and the ADI-ZMC (Constanta Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association), an organisation tasked with supporting the sustainable development of 16 local administrative units in the region.

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A group of students with awards
Constanța brings in youth to help plan for future

63 high school students from Constanța participated in the first Innovation Camp organised in the city as part of the Re-Value project.

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A selection of pictures Shared on the Constanta Facebook Page
Street art in Constanta

Extraordinary artists from Romania, Serbia, Italy, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine brought dreams to life on the walls of buildings of Constanta.

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Re-Value Capacity Development and Exchange Programme, Version 1

The Re-Value Capacity Development and Exchange Programme (Re-Value CD&E Programme) is a three-year programme designed to support the nine Re-Value Cities in their...

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