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Strategically located on the Adriatic coasts in the Emilia-Romagna region, Rimini is widely recognized as one of the most popular and beloved seaside destinations in Europe.


Each year, Rimini boasts an annual influx of 16.2 million tourists overnight stays per year (pre-covid regional numbers), coming to experience its sandy beaches and welcoming resorts, its rich history and culture dating back to Roman times with monuments of a glorious past.

For a few years now, Rimini has been undergoing a significant urban regeneration process based on a new approach to development markedly oriented towards both urban and landscape quality, as well as social and environmental sustainability.


In Re-Value, Rimini is actively working towards advancing both climate neutrality and resilience focusing especially on its flagship project Parco del Mare (“Sea Park”) which has already undergone significant change prior to Re-Value and is planned to be further developed in support of climate neutrality. Parco del Mare has an impact in terms of mitigation and adaptation to climate change both underground, through the Seawater Protection Plan consisting of the sewer system and environmental redevelopment​, and overground, through urban regeneration projects including 300 hectares of urban park, open-air gyms, cycle paths, and many more.

In Rimini, planning (and acting) at the municipal level plays a key role in the work Re-Value will do, much of which centers around the municipality’s Sustainable Energy and Action Plan (SEAP) approved by the City Council in 2023. 

The main objectives of the city’s SEAP, and the objectives that Rimini is working towards in Parco del Mare, are:

  • Development of Green and blue infrastructures 
  • Development of environmental monitoring systems 
  • Raise Awareness and Educational programs  

Parco del Mare is the major seafront redevelopment project that is transforming the 15 kilometres of Riminni’s waterfront into a car-free zone with green infrastructure, nature-based solutions and biodiversity. An “urban forest”, harbouring a wide array of plant species and a sustainable urban drainage system. In Re-Value, it will be fine-tuned to better support Rimini’s ambition of climate neutrality in combination with sustainable mobility, biodiversity, urban comfort and air quality accessible to all. This transformation will be supported by Re-Value’s partners in cooperation with local stakeholders.

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A screenshot from a tv show with Annemie, the coordinator of Re-Value, on screen

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