Climate Neutral Cities Mission

The 'Cities Mission' focuses on delivering 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030, acting as innovation hubs for other European cities to follow by 2050.

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NetZeroCities is the driving force working on behalf of the European Commission to advance the EU Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. NetZeroCities does this by adopting a cross-sectoral approach and aligning with cities' actual needs, fostering collaboration among local authorities, citizens, businesses, investors, and regional and national authorities. It aims to create synergies with existing initiatives, ensuring its activities are relevant and effective in driving sustainable urban development.

Re-Value’s collaboration

Re-Value is funded by the European Union in order to support the Cities Mission, specifically working on innovative urban design and planning approaches in our waterfront pilots. 

In recognition of the shared goals and complementary expertise, Re-Value is forming a strategic partnership with NetZeroCities and other projects supporting the Mission. This partnership leverages the strengths and offers of NetZeroCities and the specific experiences made in Re-Value and like-minded projects to accelerate the transition towards sustainable and climate-neutral cities across Europe.

Re-Value, working in our nine waterfront pilots, is committed to sharing key lessons and experience from the project, and at the same time is exploiting the opportunities to learn from other cities engaged in the Mission. Specifically, the Re-Value cities will demonstrate how climate neutrality and urban quality can be aligned by re-valuing the cities' connection to their waterfronts, making the urban transition irresistible for citizens and professional stakeholders.

The Re-Value Community of Practice will utilise the  NetZeroCities Portal as part of the project’s Capacity Development and Exchange Programme. The Portal’s “one-stop-shop” design concept will enable them to both connect and collaborate with one another as a closed group, as well as exchange knowledge and foster joint initiatives with the wider Mission community

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NetZeroCities helps Europe in its ambition to achieve climate neutrality. The project comes in support of the EU’s Mission “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030” and provides cities with world-class expertise and services tailored to their needs.

NetZeroCities assists cities to overcome the current structural, institutional and cultural barriers they face in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. Re-Value partner ICLEI Europe is also a part of the team behind NetZeroCities.

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CLIMABOROUGH is a project with the ambition to bridge the gap between design and implementation of urban innovations, particularly in the face of climatic change and its consequential needs for adaptation and mitigation.

CLIMABOROUGH is a closely connected project to Re-Value and is also funded by CINEA to work on Urban Planning and Design in the framework of the ‘100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission’.

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