A picture of Pisek with the river and its bridges on the left side and an idyllic impression from the medium-sized town on the right. In the background small mountains are visible in what's either the beginning of sunset or end of a sunrise.

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Písek is a charming medium-sized city situated on the banks of the Otava River in South Bohemia, Czechia.


Písek, home to approximately 30,000 people sharing an urban area of just over 63km2, is well grounded in history with its most famous landmark being the historic Písek Stone Bridge bridge underpinning the city’s connection to its waterfront. While the bridge is the oldest oldest surviving bridge in Czechia, Písek is also moving into the future and has in later years made itself noticed in the European smart cities community, proving that sustainable, data-driven and forward looking solutions is not the prerogative only of the modern metropolis. 

Combined with its tranquil riverfront and cultural heritage, Písek showcases the harmonious coexistence of nature, history, and commitment to sustainable development.


In the Re-Value project, Písek aims to integrate the principles of the New European Bauhaus into its urban development process and enhance the connection between the urban space, residents, and the river.

The municipality organises their work in Re-Value through its Smart Písek initiative and is supported strongly by Ecoten specialised in the science behind and techniques to develop urban environments, and the creative partner Sladovna Písek, a living cultural centre. The partners will collectively work to enhance Písek’s capabilities in using digital support tools for decision making, planning and inclusive urban design, and will include the local population through dedicated creative workshops on sustainability. This work will be strengthened through feasibility studies that will enable the Písek to gain the necessary knowledge, develop the required partnerships and attract investment funding for full-scale deployment of its plans continuing after the project period

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Re-Value Capacity Development and Exchange Programme, Version 1

The Re-Value Capacity Development and Exchange Programme (Re-Value CD&E Programme) is a three-year programme designed to support the nine Re-Value Cities in their...

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First public event in Písek

The first Re-Value event in Písek. The local team participated in the community led Earth day festival.

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Start of the Re-Value partnership

The Re-Value partnership officially began work on January 1st, 2023.

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