Innovation Cycles

Re-Value’s Innovation Cycles are at the heart of our vision to drive transformative change in our waterfront cities and support the European Climate Neutral Cities Mission. Recognising that achieving sustainable urban transformation requires a holistic approach, moving beyond monetary considerations and greenhouse gas emissions, Re-Value is working on three different Innovation Cycles.

In these, the partnership demonstrates and evaluates this holistic approach by having cities and partners work together on the tools and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of urban transformation. We facilitate a collaborative process that enables participants to dig deep into their existing knowledge and experiences, combining the experiences into a greater whole across locations, organisations and themes. By creatively applying these insights to the formidable challenge of cities becoming climate-neutral, we empower cities to integrate sustainable practices into their daily tasks and procedures.

Innovation Cycle 1: Collective Story Building

Re-Value collaborates with cities, local partners, and stakeholders to embark on a transformative journey towards climate neutrality through engaging activities empowering not only the partners in Re-Value but the wider communities. 

The efforts are based on a belief that positive change is best achieved together, and will also include Artistic Missions in each city from the artistic partners Sladovna Písek and Teatret Vårt

Innovation Cycle 2: Data-driven Scenario Building

Within this Innovation Cycle, the partnership, led by Ecoten, the cities and partners will actively collaborate to share effective methods for rapidly prototyping scenarios/information in potentially new ways to support the prioritised stories of Re-Value. This iterative process allows for experimentation, demonstration, refinement, and ultimately the identification of practical solutions that address the unique urban planning and design needs of the involved entities.

Innovation Cycle 3: Investment and Partnership Building

The primary objective of the investment and partnership cycle is to collaboratively assemble the elements needed for the cities to develop investment models that support the ambitions of their Waterfront Pilots and wider ecosystem. Led by GIB Foundation (Global Infrastructure Basel), the process aims to take a holistic approach and to de-risking investments enabling the cities to document and capture different values in their complex urban systems.


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