Cascais Youth Lead the Charge in Sustainable Mobility

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In the Portuguese Re-Value partner of Cascais, the local Innovation Camp, engaging local youth at the forefront of urban innovation and sustainability, took place in December.

In December, the Portuguese Re-Value partner of Cascais hosted an Innovation Camp that engaged local youth in urban innovation and sustainability.

Fifty high school students from four different schools in the municipality were invited to participate in a real-world challenge to improve the quality of life in the heart of Cascais through sustainable mobility. The challenge required creative problem-solving and innovative thinking and was designed to benefit from the students' lived experience. It was not an academic exercise but a practical challenge to address a pressing issue.

The students in Cascais received guidance from environmental management experts and were tasked with using Design Thinking to come up with practical solutions for their community. The approach was adapted specifically for this challenge and encouraged students to think creatively, empathise with community needs, and develop solutions that could make a real difference in their neighbourhoods.

The day-long camp, organised by JA Portugal with support from Cascais Municaplity and LNEG, was structured around workshops, brainstorming sessions, and mentoring, culminating in a competitive pitch where teams presented their proposals to a panel of judges.

Team 9, with their "Bus Tracker" app, emerged as the winner, offering a smart solution to Cascais's bus system challenges, including fixed routes, unpredictable schedules, and frequent overcrowding. 

The runners-up schemes were entitled EZBus and Drive-Eco teams. Each team brought forward thoughtful and impactful solutions, showcasing the potential of young minds to contribute to their community's well-being and environmental sustainability.

This innovation camp in Cascais exemplified how engaging youth in urban planning and sustainability challenges can foster a culture of creativity, responsibility, and active participation.

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