Student Workshop Will Help Guide Actions in Rimini in 2024

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In the fall of 2023, Rimini held not only a Re-Value Study tour, but also their first ‘Innovation Camp’ with participation of 50 ITIS students from local schools. This event, organised by ‘JA Italia’ held at Rimini's Open Laboratory, was not just a workshop but a platform for young minds to engage in critical thinking about sustainable urban development.

Over the course of two days, students aged 16-19 from various secondary schools in the Rimini area came together to delve into pressing environmental issues. The Innovation Camp was organised using the "world café" technique, which facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas and collaborative problem-solving.

Divided into groups of 10, these young innovators, under the guidance of three professors, had their first session in a series on tackling topics related to climate neutrality and smart cities, which will be continued in the next Innovation Camp planned for the spring of 2024. 

The focus of the camp was on how urban quality can be leveraged to contribute towards achieving climate neutrality. The students explored various themes, including sustainable mobility taking up delivery methods based on electric mobility and bicycles to reduce transport-related pollution. They also examined the impact of tourism on the coastal and marine environment, balancing the needs of residents and visitors in creating a sustainable cityscape.

In many ways, this mirrored the work done by the Re-Value partners visiting Rimini in October 2023, and as Rimini continues to evolve as a tourist destination conscious of its environmental impact, the ideas generated at the Innovation Camp will help guide the city's commitment to sustainable practices.

A student is showing their visions
A student is showing a large paper with visions

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