Re-Value supported the Cities Mission in Brussels

A large group of represenatives of the Cities Mission standing together on stage for a group photo

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On 26-27 June, Re-Value partners joined the large conference ‘Mission in Progress: Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Conference 2023’ organised by NetZeroCities on behalf of the European Commission. 

The conference was an occasion for the 112 cities and connected projects — including Re-Value — to catch-up on progress and remaining challenges for making climate neutral cities a reality.

Overall, it served as space for city representatives and practitioners to meet, collaborate, and establish new pathways to drive them towards their climate goals. 

As descriveb in the full follow-up from the event, available on the NetZeroCities website, it ended with Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President, European Commission, making final remarks to bring the conference to a close by inspiring the many actors to undertake the work ahead:

“Prove together with us that we can do this without leaving anyone behind. Let us ensure that the benefits of the Mission can be felt by everyone”. – Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President, European Commission.

Partnership with CLIMABOROUGH and UP2030   

The day after the Conference, on 28 June, Re-Value coordinator NTNU also met with the two other projects tasked with delivering innovative approaches to Urban Planning and Design in support of the Cities Mission, namely UP2030 and CLIMABOROUGH

This meeting took place in partnership with CINEA and was hosted by ICLEI Europe. The focus was on planning and aligning future actions the projects can take together.

A picture of a group of people representing the three different projects and CINEA, standing together.

Representatives of CINEA, Re-Value, UP2030 and CLIMABOROUGH together in Brussels

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