Bruges brings out circular co-creation

A group of of people doing different things in a workshop

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From February 23 to 25, the circular festival took place in Bruges, focusing on reuse, repair, sharing, circular product development, and recycling.

The Re-Value area Kaaidistrict was highlighted on Saturday, February 24. An expert in tree management from the City of Bruges selected trees to be transformed into urban furniture using locally sourced city wood. The day started at 10 am, with the city wood being cut by the mobile sawmill.

From 1:30 pm, participants could join in creating urban furniture from the logs. Additionally, several non-profit organizations took part in the festival: “the spoon house” was present to create a sculpture with a "food" characteristic using spoons and "The Collective of the Unlimited" was also there to represent the Makers District. This day was supported with guidance from "House of Time".

At 5 pm, the urban furniture was transported to the correct location in the Retail Cluster. Unfortunately, rain caused a delay, so the complete result had to wait for about a week. However, the wait was rewarded, and the urban furniture now proudly stands next to the truck parking area which will be greened and redeveloped in the future.

A group of people looking at a banner

Image by Bruges

A group of people are doing various things in what looks like a workshop

Image by Bruges

The new wood out in the open wiht a sign saying re-value and funded by the eu.

Image by Bruges

The full bench, as completed

Image by Bruges

A person is shaping out the wood

Image by Bruges

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Authors: City of Bruges (Stad Brugge)

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