CrAFt Waterfront Cities Session

A drawing of a map showcasing different bodies of water

The CrAFt Waterfront Cities Session is organised in cooperation with the EU Mission on Restore our Oceans and Waters (Mission Ocean & Waters) by 2030 and the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities (Cities Mission) on and takes place on Monday, 19 February 2024. The session will highlight how the Ocean and Waters Mission urban dimension intersects with the blue infrastructure component of the Cities Mission. This will be explored through three projects in the EU Mission portfolio that operate in the overlapping Cities-Oceans/Waters space. The session will provide a sneak peek at upcoming services to be provided to the Charter of the Mission Ocean & Waters. It will also showcase how waterfront cities involved in projects funded under the Cities Mission and horizontally under the EU Missions use blue infrastructure as a key component of urban spatial planning and to support the transition to climate neutrality and greater climate resilience. These projects include Re-Value, the CrAFt cluster of cities with rich blue infrastructure, and the NEB Lighthouse BoSS (Bauhaus of the Sea Sails).

Date, time and location

  • Date: Monday, 19 February 2024
  • Time: 10:30 – 12:00 CET
  • Online session

Who is this session for

  • Cities Mission cities and communities
  • Ocean & Waters cities and communities
  • New European Bauhaus cities and communities


  • Welcome and introduction, Annemie Wyckmans, CrAFt and Re-Value
  • European Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030”, Claudia Pecoraro, DG RTD, European Commission
  • Q&A / interactive segment
  • Coffee break
  • The Cities Mission: Climate-Neutral Cities and Blue Infrastructure, Laura Hetel, DG RTD, European Commission
  • Perspectives from waterfront cities in CrAFt, Re-Value and BoSS
  • Q&A / interactive segment
  • Closing remarks, Annemie Wyckmans, CrAFt and RE-Value


You can register for the event here.


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