Open Science and Data Management Plan

This deliverable constitutes the initial Open Science and Data Management Plan (DMP) for the Re-Value project. It specifies Data Governance and handling of data in the project in the form of initial project guidelines, what types of data are expected to be generated in the project, whether and how it will be made open and accessible for verification and re-use, how it will be curated and preserved, and details ethical, privacy, and security issues.

Re-Value has a commitment to open innovation, co-creation, and a collaborative approach with a range of societal stakeholders and extensive knowledge sharing. Core results of the project will be created together with these societal stakeholders and relevant European initiatives and policy makers.

All beneficiaries are informed of the need to follow applicable regulations around human participation, personal data collection or processing, informed consent, data processing, data security, and the relevant regulations such as GDPR, Horizon Europe Open Science guidance, FAIR guidelines, or Horizon Europe Ethics Guidance. The DMP information will be regularly updated to include updated data summaries, consent forms, compliance, and institutional approval where necessary. Processing of personal data will respect Data Protection Principles.

The project will support openness according to the Horizon Europe (HE) principle "as open as possible, as closed as necessary" together with the project ambition of “Open by Default”.


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