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Image from Unsplash by T.H. Chia


The Re-Value Cities

The Re-Value partnership consists of nine European waterfront cities and selected European organisations that seeks to make the urban transition irresistible for their local folks and professional stakeholders. They will demonstrate how climate neutrality and urban quality can be aligned, by re-valuing the cities’ connection to their waterfronts, strengthening co-benefits and mitigating potential adverse impacts.

Ålesund (Norway), Bruges (Belgium), Burgas (Bulgaria), and Rimini (Italy)  will demonstrate full-scale how integrated urban planning and design can be optimally deployed to achieve climate neutrality and significantly reduce GHG emissions by 2030.

Cascais (Portugal), Constanța (Romania), İzmir (Turkey), Písek (Czechia), and Rijeka (Croatia) will learn, replicate and develop their own participatory story-building, data-driven scenarios and financial and partnership models on integrated urban planning and design to accelerate their journeys to climate neutrality.


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